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 Where to go and what to do!


The flat is located exactly beside the Bicycle -route that goes eighter in the direction of GÖDÖLLÕ (Castle, Hungaroring) or in the direction of the city center. (Heroes Square)

Public transport:

  • Night bus (Bus stop: 1 min. from the flat)
  • Bus, other public-transport possibility ("HÉV"): 1-3 min. from the flat
  • Local grocery, other shops: 1 min.
  • Restaurants: 1-10 min. (There are quite a lot around)
  • Shopping-center (The second largest in Hungary): 7-10 min.




We speak both English and German!


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If You like our little Family-Pension and had more questions or You would like to book the flat for the summer, please don't hesitate to Contact us!